Inner Venture

Have you ever wanted to have a look behind the stage of your own theatre of life and experience at first hand, why the scenery of your world presents itself the way it does? Have you ever wanted to understand the main and supporting actors; why they behave the way they do and which role they play in your life? Have you ever wanted to exert influence on your script of life, to tone down the drama, add more humour or even to retype the whole piece? In short, do you wish to be the director of your life or its reluctant star performer?


In a calm and protected environment I help you to become present and to deeply relax your body and mind. Together we create a field of consciousness, which makes it easy for you to unlock the gates of your very own inner world. If you choose to enter, an almost infinite field of possibilities unfurls before you. Now you can explore beyond thinking. Your feeling will lead to your questions about life and the concerns of your heart which occupy you most profoundly. If you have physical problems, you can directly ask your body, what is missing. If your ship of life was taken over by pirates, you become their captain. If you would like to again become the hero of your life story, you - on your own - will vanquish the monsters, ogres and adversaries inside. If your heart is tight and close, you unchain it and if your thoughts are obscure and judgemental, you illuminate them with the Light of Wisdom that your Higher Self grants you.

Within the whole process you remain awake and conscious. You determine where, how far and how deeply you would like to go. I attentively sit by your side and, with your permission, I offer suggestions and questions. At points of resistance I can encourage you to go a crucial step further.

This is the ultimate real-life-fairy-tale, it is a treasure alive within you and it is yours to discover.