Naam Yoga

When KundaliniYoga as it was taught by Yogi Bhajan entered my life, it revealed to me a new field for understanding both the interconnected functions of the human body as well as their reciprocal effect on our feelings and thoughts. I found a practical spiritual science which integrates the Inside and Outside of the human experience.

Yoga provides us with a tool which is always at hand, one with which we can independently promote our physical and mental fitness. We experience our self-determination and our power to create our own reality. We feel again the relatedness with our body, our soul and everything around us.

I studied and taught KundaliniYoga as the director of the Devah Yoga Centre in Hamburg ( between 2001 and 2007. Through this practice and in my role as director I recognized the significance of transparent communication, the laws of interdependence and the necessity of community-life and active co-operation.

Building on my yogic practice, in 2007 I trained in NaamYoga® which was developed by Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam) who followed his internal call to combine the yogic tradition of the East with the western Universal Kabbalah. Since then I have been teaching with increasing enthusiasm this remarkable way of joyfully and easily integrating spirituality into our everyday life.

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